WL Walker Manufacturer of Hydrocarbon Measurement and Testing Equipment

LINK TO PRODUCT CATALOG. W. L. Walker Company develops, manufactures and distributes accurate and durable testing, measuring and sampling instrumentation for the global hydrocarbon industry.  All of our gauging equipment and products are designed and manufactured in the United States to the highest industry standards.  


For crude oil centrifuge manufactures, the API specifies how the products must function. Our dedication lies in our commitment to supporting our customers by evolving products such as the centrifuge to include Heated Centrifuges, Air Driven Centrifuges, Hand Driven Centrifuges, Electric Centrifuges, and Portable Centrifuges.


All of our products comply with the specifications set forth by the American Petroleum Institute (API), and The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). 

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Oil Field and Petroleum Testing Equipment News

Oil Field and Petroleum Testing Equipment News

Our New Laboratory for Digital Instruments and Thermometer Calibration

We recently expanded into a new, state of the art laboratory at our Tulsa Headquarters. We tripled the size of our testing and verification labs to help us keep up with demand while maintaining the highest quality standards.


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